Teresa LeGrove
Coldwell Banker Realty
  • Recently Teresa sold my house in Sunset Mesa at 4% over the asking price. Due to her careful planning and strategizing, the house received multiple offers on the 1st day of listing. I followed her advice throughout on the renovation & staging, because she is an expert in her field and her suggestions made so much sense. She also supervised the renovation and made sure that every detail is done to perfection. Her dedication and expertise really impressed me. I was very lucky to have her representing the sale of the house.
    Terence C - August, 2020.
  • Around the early part of March of 2018, I was in the market for selling a property in Toluca Lake.

It was an older property that would require a lot of work by a potential buyer. At that time, I engaged the services of Teresa LeGrove to sell the property for me. She did an extremely good job obtaining several buyers to the table. When the dust settled, I was able to procure a much better for the property than I anticipated. I was extremely happy with the job she did and would recommend her highly. By the way, we sold it in 6 days, and escrow settled in 30 days. James C

  • I used Teresa Legrove as a real estate agent twice. Both time Teresa acted with integrity and was very professional. She understood our needs and always responded well and in a timely manner to any questions we had. She is very dynamic and always made sure our needs were fulfilled. Cathy V


  • Teresa is a highly competent, reliable and solutions oriented individual. I had the opportunity to work with her as she was building her own business and have seen, first hand, how she implemented her marketing and sales strategy and grew her real estate business by providing exceptional customer service, while demonstrating a strong understanding of the real estate market. Her clients always came first, and she has consistently gone above and beyond in order to maintain strong business relationships which resulted in numerous referrals and sales achievements. Cathy S